Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah
Cast workshop created by Russ

In Utah, a small number of Up With People students were given the chance to create a lesson plan to teach to other students. This activity is called "Cast University," and it gave me the ability to exercise my interests in public speaking and my ability to facilitate group discussion. Students gave workshops on a variety of different topics. Some students gave talks on topics like, Religion Around The World and Language Studies. By workshop was given with the intention of helping students to better understand themselves and their interaction with others. My Melody Theory Workshop went over very well and made for excellent conversation topics. My group of international students made for interesting perspectives. It is interesting to see how similar people are no matter what country they come from. The goal behind my workshop was to encourage interpersonal communication and self-development.

Russ in Melody Theory workshop

Russ Teaching International Cast Members

Cast University Workshop - Basic Lesson Plan


Opening idea
The "Higher Self" is the way in which the mind interacts with the soul. This "Higher Self", is what writes a persons melody of life. This theory is nonreligious, nonracial and not ethnic.
Melody Theory is simply a universal way for an individual to better understand his or her own composition of life.

Is there anyone that believes that they fully understand the ways in which they make decisions?

Your soul is who you are, but no matter how well you understand yourself your decisions are not made by the soul. Your decisions are played out by the "Higher Self" or internal instrument.

What is your internal instrument? What element of your life exercises your ability to strengthen your "higher self"?

Allow students to use colors and patterns to paint their idea of personal decision making.

When an individual better understands their "higher self", they will have a better understanding of who they are and how they are seen by others. For example, a violin is much like the human body. Strings create melodies much like the human mind generates thoughts. The soul of the violin exists within its elements of wood. the wood reflects the sounds of the strings just like the human soul listens to the thoughts of the mind. Without craftsmanship and maintenance the quality of the relationship between the wood and the strings loses tone. In the painting, activity I would paint the image of a violin and the instrumental idea it projects.

Activity Discussion
How do you believe you make decisions? Do you analyze each choice you make? Are you driven by the soul? Is there a connection between you and your everyday activities?

Where do you think your thoughts come from?

Soul, Mind, Gut, Conscience,

Your life is a composition, the decisions you make are based on three elements the past, the now, and the future. Life is a constant arrangement of action and nothing - just like music is an assortment of sound and silence. The mind interacts with the world around it and the soul is a reflection of action. But, the "Higher Self" guides a person and creates his or her bookmark within a relationship or existence.

Melody Theory Concepts
- Stored Feelings
- Yearnings
- Callings
- Ambitions
- Conscience
- Emotions

MIND- is a tool- DOES REACH THE SENSES - it analyzes the soul
- Guidance and Direction
- Processing and Reflection
- Confusion and Misconception

The mind is a scary thing because it analyzes both your soul and worldly sensory perception. Trouble begins when your mind begins to analyze the soul as if it is one of the senses. When the mind is allowed to make decisions without the "Higher Self," it may allow a person to fall out of the musical key of their life long composition.

HIGHER SELF - is a connection
- A Paintbrush
- An Instrument
- A Bookmark in Time


- Body Language
- Tone of Voice
- Things That are Said

LIFE - composition
- Family
- Career
- Health Choices

When an individual takes the time to speak with others and hear their points of view, they are expanding their relationship between their own mind and soul. The mind analyzes what others say and the soul answers the questions of the mind but the higher self directs an individual and causes them to act.

Academics expand the mind.

Emotions and experiences expand the soul.

What expands the higher self?
- Art
- Physical Exertion
- Interaction With Others
- Faith in a Higher Power
- Trial and Error

It is up to the individual to decide.

Elements to find Through Melody Theory
§  Self-confidence
§  Persistence
§  Initiative
§  Innovation
§  Decision Making

The Road to Utah!

Elementary school where UWP taught "Stand for Peace" classes

Community Impact work at The Utah Food Bank

Lovisa and Russ at Spruces Campground

Host Family Day Utah

Dad and Jerry

Jerry's Scooter and me!


Erum Baloch - Cast A08 said...

Just by reading thru it sound very interesting. I bet it was awesome and the Cast loved your workshop.

Anonymous said...

Russ: Getting to know you and feel your enthusiasm for life and your art and relationships was very entertaining and inspiring. You have a very good heart and a boat load of talent. I hope you were able to leave a CD with Jerry for me. If not, I will try to borrow his when I am in Salt Lake next time.
I have a few thoughts on your theory now that I have had some time to think about it. Write me, if you want, and I will forward those thougts to you. My e-mail is michael@farnesfamily.com
Enjoy the remainder of your tour. Take care, my friend.
--Michael (from Silver Spring)