Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Band on The Big Stage

Today was an incredible day to wear headphones! The band and I were finally able to get out of the basement and set up on the risers located on the big stage. Each member was given a personal monitor control mixing board which elaborately allows each instrumentalist to listen to everyone on stage through their own headphones. Each mixing board holds 25 channels which include drums, guitar, bass, keys, up to three lead vocals, four mic groups, two brass, the backing tracks, and a click track which keeps the group synchronized.

Getting acquainted with the system was a little bit challenging at first, but the band and I quickly started to get in touch with our live and playback controls. I still cannot believe how cool our monitoring system is. It is crazy to believe that the sound I hear in my headphones is as intense as the house mix. Having my own monitor control really gives me a sense of confidence. With so much happening onstage it is easy to lose track of the comprehension of your own sound. I felt really good about today's rehearsal and can not wait to get back to it.

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