Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday in La Paz - Host Family Day

English to Spanish dictionary

Puffer Fish!!!

Host family! I only live with Ofelia and Samuel

Dago Fransisco Ofelia's Grandson.

Ocean view in La Paz

Samuel's Mom!

Slowest taco place in Mexico

No function!

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Jesse Herche said...

Russ, I went to call you the other day and heard the funny ring beep, so I figured you had gone international. Looks like the tour is going well, you should tell me when your swinging through the United States. A few quick questions/comments: 1. Your writing is amazing, Simao would be proud. 2. Is my pedal in your truck/on-tour, or somewhere in my house? 3. Have you figured out how to use iChat? 4. Does the tour use electronic drums? 5. Are you spreading the word of my existence around the world? Just kidding on that last one, but seriously, how are things?