Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Days Left of Staging

Clips of songs from the 1950’s - studying this compilation is an excellent way to become familiar with traditional guitar phrasing and rhythm. For example, one of the clips that is sampled is " Sherry," a song that many people know from the movie Back to The Future or Denny's Satellite Radio. A clip like this one demonstrates the versatility of brush strumming which was a common technique of 50's and 60's bebop. After finding out that I would be performing in this piece of the show, I have been eager to hear what it will sound like with the entire group. Several of my friends have been awed by the classic tones that I have been able to get out of my touring guitar. Wired by my dad, my 2001 US Legacy G&L Stratocaster sounds incredible because of its customized pickups and wiring configuration. I can only imagine how good it will sound on Thursday when our band and cast rehearse together for the first time, on the big stage.

I have a feeling that this week will turn out to be a good one. I was able to get a lot of sleep on Sunday after getting home from a trip into the mountains. Getting some sleep really paid off because today happened to be the day that vocal soloists were called back for final assessments. As of today, it looks like I may be singing the "Ounce of Positive" solo. Throughout this song I may be the lead singer as well as the guitar player. I am really excited to be given this opportunity because the song is challenging and will expand my blues/country vocal interests. The song is traditionally sung by one male and three female backup singers. If I am given this role, I will be the first student of Up With People to sing this solo and perform in the band at the same time.

Tomorrow is a CI Day or Community Impact Day, I believe that I will be planting trees, so I suppose I will get to bed. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

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Joris V.D. said...

Hi Russ,

Finally found your blog :)
How cool to see so many pictures with both of us on it! And from now on I posted a link to your blog on my blog, all my European friends must now who that Russ Reitter kid is.

Just a little sidenote: You rock, dude!