Monday, July 21, 2008

Host Family Day

Today was our host family day. Colleen took the boys and I over to one of the other hosts family's house for a pool party. It was good to see so many of the cast members without having to be at practice. I was really able to connect with many of the other students. It’s fun to be with students from other countries in social situations! I never realized how different European culture is from American traditions. For example, we all planned to go to the movies to see Batman and one of the girls from Germany told us that the European movie theaters sell tickets for individual seats in the theater instead of a ticket of general admission. She was blown away to find out that you could sit anywhere in the theater after paying one price.

Colleen really is fun; hanging out with her all day was a blast. We started off the morning by stopping by the guitar store. We were all able to stock up on our musical needs and then head over to the party. Afterwards, it was really neat to get her perspective on Batman. Tomorrow, we will go back to practice and hopefully Xia from China will not take my position as a guitar player.

I am doing well. Mom, don't worry I am now well rested! Dad, technical issues are going well! And Breck, I hope you are able to get away from your studying every now and then. Love you guys!

Here is a picture of Michael Bowerman and me!

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