Sunday, July 13, 2008

Loving Colorado

Day Two of international tour; I am loving Colorado! Today was our day off with our host families. Ryan, a drummer from Corpus Christi Texas, and Javier(Javi), a drummer from Houston, are my roommates this month as we learn the Up With People show in Denver. The three of us are staying at Colleen and Jug Eastman's House, in Brighton. Jeff, a student who has traveled with Up With People in the past, is staying with us this weekend. Today, Colleen and us four boys traveled into the mountains. We visited Red Rocks Amphitheater, located in the foothills west of Denver. We also visited Idaho Springs and traveled down Highway 6 curving through deep canyons. I took many pictures of the rock faces we saw and admired the old all-terrain vehicles along the highway. I saw what I thought to be hang gliders, but Ryan insisted that they were parachuters.

That evening we ate dinner at White Fence Farm which is said to have the best fried chicken in Colorado. I am still feeling the pain! Ryan and Javi are insane!! We are constantly having a ball! Javi is really down to earth and has excellent articulation when speaking. He is commonly finishing my thoughts and helping me mentally function! Ryan is not a typical drummer; he is not opinionated and a little bit squarely. If I was Al Pacino, I would say that he was "a real standup guy!" Colleen is awesome and really knows how to live up life! Her husband, Jug( yes “Jug” mom I did not spell “Jud” wrong) is the man, but I think he thinks that I'm a little bit over the top. After all, he was in the Air Force for over 20 years and let's just say that I am not exactly above the line of presentable.

Tomorrow, I will probably wake up at 12 and go to orientation at three. There, we will begin learning how this whole Up With People / live performance thing is going to go down. I'm psyched! Here are some pictures of today.

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