Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flight to Denver!

Awakened by anticipation, the day of my flight to Denver has begun!!! The best thing is that I've been out of the house for three hours and things are already broken. The handle on my suitcase it's no longer existent and my iPod plays only one song, but no worries I will always have the old black-and-white iPod standing strong. I found my first 15 minutes on the plane to be quite amusing, everyone was calmly finding their seats and storing their carry-on in the overhead compartments, as I am going through the motions of killing a cat as I shoved my oversized bag under the seat in front of me. As the pilot checked his flaps, I wondered to myself if anyone had ever noted how delicate they appear. I love the way that I prepare myself for flight. I commonly find myself saying the flight number over and over again in my head as if I am hearing it on Frontline News or 60 Minutes, " an unbelievable tragedy has hit America again. Early today, FLIT 2614... 2614!!... 2614!!!!!... from Baltimore to Denver... never really did reach its destination!," but now I am just scaring myself. It's all good though, ask a motor-cycler, " when it's your time it's your time" and I stand by that!

In my own way, I'm setting out to better the communication among people. I feel that the days to come will help me understand misunderstandings between cultures. The kind of tour that I am setting out on today, is the exact experience that is needed in a young person's life. I hope to find out how members of other cultures view war, religion, fun, music and love. I will keep everyone posted.

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